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Name: Jack Michael Ryder
Preferred Name and Nickname(s):Jack
Name Meaning:Jack means "God Is Gracious" Michael means "Who Resembles God" Ryder means "Knight" or "Mounted Warrior". 
The surname is the most accurate reflection of Jack. He is a warrior in the sense that he will fight and stand up to whatever challenge comes his way.
Date of Birth:  January 15th 1977
Place of Birth and Citizenship(s): Jack was born in Hayward, California. He is American
City(ies) of Residence: He has lived all over the world, having worked in the Navy. He currently resides in Atlantic City
With Whom do They Live? At the moment he lives alone
Sex, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation Jack is a male and sees himself as all male. He is gay.
Relationship Status: Single for the moment
Relationship History:  He had a fling with Karl Urban while in the military. But he has had no serious relationships. 
Family: Jack is an only child. Both his parents are dead
Race/Ethnicity: Samoan and African Canadian
Height/Weight/Build: Jack is 6'5 and 260 lb. This is all muscle. Jack is has large muscles
Hair/Eyes/Skin: Jack's hair is usually shaved very tight to his head. His eyes are brown and his skin is a dark brown
Tattoos, Piercings, Scars, Facial Hair, etc: Jack has two tattoos a bull on his right upper arm and a Samoan design covering whole of his left shoulder. The bull tattoo with red eyes is in sync with his zodiac birth sign Taurus. He has no piercings, scars, or facial hair.
Clothing/Jewelry Preferences: He will usually dress either in a suit, or in a jeans and smart top depending on what the day will bring. He doesn't wear jewellery. 
Misc. Appearance:  None
Religious and Political Affiliations: Jack is an atheist. He is quite liberal in his political views
Education: Jack attended school in California. After completing high school he left and joined the navy.
Languages spoken or understood: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portugese, Japanese. He learned these languages as he travelled with the navy. His job required him to speak a variety of languages. 
Occupation: Head of Security for Palace Casino, Atlantic City New Jersey.  Jack got back into contact with Karl Urban, his friend from the military. Karl told him that there was an opening for Head of Security and that Jack would be perfect for the job.
Previous Occupation(s):Jack was in the Navy. He was considering settling into one place for a few years. When the post in Palace Casino came up it seemed like the perfect opportunity
Interests/Hobbies/Activities/Organisations:  Jack likes to work out. In his spare time he can often be found in the gym lifting weights. He enjoys playing and watching football and professional wrestling. He likes to read and is a good cook.
Skills/Abilities: Jack is a good cook. He's also a good football player and won trophies in high school. He is trained in martial arts.
Weapons:Jack owns a collection of guns. 
Flaws, Addictions, Problems, Quirks and Foibles, etc.: Jack has a nasty temper. He is quite sadistic and violent. He can be very domineering in his ways. 
Personality: Jack has often been described as an asshole. He sometimes seems almost emotionless. He rarely shows any upset or fear. He is very sadistic and domineering and thinks nothing of using others for his own personal gain. If he wants something be it sex, money, or whatever, he'll just take it. By force if he has to. 
He can be very dominant and controlling, psychopathic almost, but with the right person, he can also be very caring, but possessive of what's his, including any potential partners.
Other Biographical Information: none
Other Application Information (the basics I need that don't fit above):
PB, if applicable: Dwane Johnson (The Rock)
LJ/AIM: jackryder/jackjackryder
Do you play other characters in the game (and if so, who)? Zacky, Lincoln, Matt Sanders
How did you hear about us?: I have, like, three characters. I've been here since the beginning